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The material in these file are subject to copyright. I, Harold Lythall, (SM0VPO) retain all intelectual and property rights to the images and information given here. You may copy and distribute these files unmodified without charge but on the condition that you do NOT make a charge for the files and they are not to be used for profit or gain. If you have paid for any files in money or kind then you have been cheated. They are free for download here.

If you wish to use my work for profit or gain then please contact me. I am always open to suggestions, and I am willing to alter or re-design a project for "mutual benefit".

You can always mail me at "harryvpo (at) hotmail (dot) com".

Very best regards from Harry - SM0VPO (Swedish amateur radio callsign)

PCB Foil Patterns 10 watt HF PA 9,368 bytes 222 Stereo Coder 40,094 bytes
400mwpa.zip400mw VHF amplifier 31,605 bytes CD4040 diode-switched CMOS synthesiser 79,467 bytes 4-watt AF amplifier. 30,418 bytes Basic RF amplifier 13,963 bytes Baycom PC & Overlay 33,792 bytes FM Wireless Mic (BUG) 8,144 bytes FM Microphone v5 14,890 bytes 40mW VHF FM Transmitter 33,949 bytes Hamcom-compatible interface PCB 24,919 bytes 100mW HF TX 15,506 bytes DC-AC Power inverter (10W - 500 Watts) 36,485 bytes DC/DC DC/AC Push-Pull inverter 114,579 bytes AF Level meter 32,194 bytes LED OpAmp level meters 167,936 bytes Fabricate coils on PCB. 10,390 bytes Gramaphone preamplifier 15,575 bytes PIC12F509 based DC/AC converter (inverter). 26,824 bytes PSU 0-15V 0-1A. 24,414 bytes 100mW AM CW Pulse TX 20,792 bytes Analogue R/C Encoder/Decoder 62,202 bytes ZN416 Radio Control receiver PCB 158,487 bytes Phasing type SSB exciter 50,659 bytes CMOS AF/RF Synthesiser (37Hz - 4 MHz) 25,284 bytes Improved CMOS synthesiser 49,152 bytes NBFM/FSK/RTTY/HF-PACKET receiver. 49,269 bytes FM Radio PCB (updated) 22,170 bytes V6 WBFM Xtal controlled TX PCB 29,692 bytes V7 WBFM high power TX PCB 19,138 bytes V7(broadcast) 46,439 bytes Five voltage converters 84,897 bytes Antenna for CADF or Workbench 1,077 bytes VSWR bridge 7,354 bytes


The software listed below may be freeware or shareware. Please read the information files contained in the software provided. All packages are provided "as-is", as per the copyright owners written requests". NO software here is "cracked" or pirated.

Software PCB CAD - Donated by Youssef TOUIL 288,241 bytes Compose PCBs using Windows PAINT. 3,051 bytes SM0VPO EPROM Programmer software 28,672 bytes EPROM SINE2.BIN Sine wave data 21,824 bytes RTTY/CW program - HC interface 385,874 bytes
hamcom31.exe RTTY/CW program - HC interface 433,380 bytes
raft212.exe Decode RTTY/CW/AX25/+++ - HC interface 271,177 bytes Monitor packet - HC interface 59,822 bytes 5-tone Enc/Dec - HC interface 19,721 bytes Selcall Dec - HC interface 69,928 bytes packet software 193,813 bytes Circuit drawing software 213,997 bytes 97,079 bytes 272,004 bytes SSTV program 487,893 bytes 88,763 bytes 22,898 bytes SM0VPO AF signal gen. 22,248 bytes 4046 Design 112,821 bytes 'Adult' screen saver 37,612 bytes

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