from Harry Lythall - SM0VPO

Publishing My Projects

If you wish to publish any of my projects in a magazine or periodical then I have no objections, subject to the following conditions. All articles of which I am the author may be supplied:

  1. Free (without charge) to NON-PROFIT organisations, groups or societies. The material then remains my property and I will re-use my work for other non-profit organisations. The work may again be published elsewhere, at my own discretion. I also request a copy of the published article for which I will offer postage expenses.

  2. Sold on an "all rights" basis to profit-making magazines, companies, organisations or societies. Payment for my work must be agreed in advance of publication. Upon agreed payment the work becomes the property of the purchaser. Bought articles are normally written specially for the purchaser and are unpublished on these or any other homepages. I normally want a copy of the final published article as a part of the agreement.

Copying My Projects

Several people have asked me if they can copy part (or all) my homepages to their own site. NO. More than half the projects have been published in radio magazines so there is no question about ownership. If you want a project on your own homepage then PLEASE make a link to the project you want. You do NOT have to link to the INDEX.HTM page. I have no objection to you linking to any project so that it appears on your homepage. I am not a "spoilsport" as there is a good reason for this.

One person, whom we shall call Fred, to preserve his identity (but his real name is Stefan), had a homepage of nearly 200 links. Fred decided to copy a few of the projects from my pages to his own and he even had a nice copyright notice at the head of his index page. Unfortunately, I have "off days" or I may rush a project to get it on the net, so mistakes often creep in. Fred copied at least one of these errors, but shortly afterwards I corrected the project. Fred didn't even know that there was a correction!

Andy in Conneticut assembled one of my projects from Fred's homepages and he must have spent many hours on the project to make it into a veritable work of art. On the day of the big switch-on, Andy was greeted not with 13.8v DC, but with clouds of smoke and a burned-out transformer. Naturally, Andy wrote a nice strong letter to Fred to complain, but Fred grew "slopey shoulders" and passed the problem to me. I pointed Andy to my homepages where the corrected circuit lay and I even received a letter of thanks from Andy. Fred however, received yet another nasty letter - from me.

I have tried to make this little incident sound a little comical, but just think about Andy for a moment. By copying my project, Fred took away from me the ability to amend one of my projects. There are several more projects on my homepages with errors, but I will correct them as soon as I can, after I find out about the errors. If you want one of my projects on your homepages, then PLEASE link directly to the project. It may then be updated or added to as and when I do it, and it will still appear as if the project were on your own homepage.

Have fun, de HARRY, Lunda, Sweden.

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