Site Revision History

Here are the updates, additions and corrections to HHH in reverse date order.

dd-mmm-yyyy Section information
24-Jun-2024 tx Corrections to TX Filters diagrams
24-Apr-2024 use Arduino RC servo tester / 1-CN encoder
24-Apr-2024 use Arduino RC RC encoder 6-CH (8-CH)
24-Apr-2024 use RC servo tester / 1-CN encoder
05-Mar-2024 Antennas 3D printed portable HF antenna
03-Feb-2024 Audio Quick AF source from your RF generator
03-Feb-2024 Audio Retro Audio Amplifier - useful on the workbench
03-Feb-2024 Useful Custom (bespoke) capacitor values
02-May-2023 Basic info Ferrites for RF
19-Feb-2023 Antennas RF Windows Cable Transition
01-Aug-2022 TX 200mW VHF FM TX with eliptic filter
01-Aug-2022 Basic info Pathlosses explained (with example / graph)
20-Apr-2022TXBasic TX Filters for HF/VHF
20-Feb-2022PICPIC based CTCSS + RTTY / AFSK Encoder
20-Feb-2022LinksRemoved dead and commercial links
20-Feb-2022VariousCorrected code in 38 files (generated by Teleport)
04-Feb-2021AntennasHF antennas for small spaces
04-Feb-2021PowerTransformer design and construction
04-Feb-2021Power(Fun with) Voltage regulators
16-Oct-2020AF/AmpsMicrophone Processor - Updated with PCB drawings
23-Sep-2020AF/AmpsMicrophone Processor
08-Dec-2019AF/AmpsAF Generator (retro design)
25-Nov-2019UsefulCMOS Scope Timebase
08-Dec-2018TX160mW FM TX & PA by Joy Mukherji
08-Dec-2018AllUpdated URL to forumotionmessageboard
10-Nov-2018TX96MHz FM TX & PA by Joy Mukherji
01-Jul-20183D3D printed 10KV Tuning Capacitor for 20m antenna
10-Jun-2018antennasUpdate to "20 metre frame antenna (small)"
01-Jul-20183D3D printed 6-pole Jones plug for FT-101ZD
10-Jun-2018UsefulPIC based Frequency Counter (0 to 60MHz)
13-Oct-20173DNew section "3D" added
13-Oct-20173D3D Printed Denco-style coil substitute
15-Sept-2017PowerSimplified DIY Transformers for tubes
12-Apr-2017Antennas20 metre frame antenna (small)
26-Feb-2017GeneralMinor corrections to HTML scripts
15-Feb-2017UsefulGDO revisited (GDO-2)
05-Feb-2017Building BlocksNo to Zeners & regulators
07-Jan-2017Reference78L05 Regulators in Use & Misuse
07-Jan-2017AF/Amps78L05 Push-Pull Amplifier (AF / RF)
30-Jan-2016InfoHF marker / generator.
27-Mar-2014InfoHamradio and deafness.
30-Jul-2013Data/techHF & VHF PA Z-matching calculations.
27-Jun-2013Spy ShopUpdated the spy toys shop.
18-Dec-2012BoozeThe "McGuyver" holiday refrigerator.
17-Oct-2012AmplifiersCascade / Cascode LF/IF Amplifier stage.
16-Jun-2012UsefullPIC based R/C servo/decoder exerciser
30-Apr-2012DownloadPIC based DC/AC (9v/24v/36v to 117v/230vAC) Mk-III
09-Feb-2012DownloadPIC based DC/AC (12v/24v to 117v/230vAC) Mk-II
06-Jun-2011PowerCharger / Bench PSU.
17-Apr-2010DownloadPCB for PIC based DC/AC (12v/24v to 117v/230vAC).
23-Feb-2010PowerNew project - PIC based DC/AC (12v/24v to 117v/230vAC).
26-Oct-2009GeneralWhole site moved to new address after Telia shut down my web pages.
26-Oct-2009GeneralNew domain added ( Several links corrected.
23-Apr-2009PowerNew project - Push-pull inverter (12v/24v to 117v/230vAC).
29-Dec-2008BlocksNew project - LED VU/Volt-meter.
13-Nov-2008SynthesisersNew project, diode/CMOS synthesiser (to 1.2GHz).
12-Nov-2008SupplyRemoved dead links.
01-Nov-2008ForumNew forum at added.
17-Sep-2008SupplyNew datasheet link added.
26-May-2008PowerNew page - DIY Transformers.
13-Apr-2008Data/TechniqueNew page - Diode Switching Basics.
23-Feb-2008Data/TechniqueNew page - Estimating tuned circuits.
23-Feb-2008InfoE-mail addresses changes to eliminate SPAM.
23-Feb-2008Use ++Added supplier links and more info to RC project.
17-Jan-2008AntennasAdded new 7dBd VHF colinear antenna.
06-Aug-2007DownloadAdded PCB foil for DC-AC 10W-1000W.
30-Jul-2007PSUAdded project DC-AC 10W-1000W.
10-Jul-2007VariousCorrections to text & code.
05-Jul-2007Main pageGOOGLE search code added.
28-Mar-2007PSU / PowerAlternative Power article added.
05-Mar-2007TX100mW Television TX.
14-Feb-2007PSU1-Off mains timer modification added.
29-Jan-2007Useful CCTSPlumbing pipe tuned circuits - 510MHz Hartley added.
23-Jan-2007Useful CCTSPlumbing pipe tuned circuits - 200MHz Hartley added.
09-Jan-2007Useful CCTSPlumbing pipe tuned circuits.
01-Jan-2007Start pageVisitors counter info.
21-Aug-2006Basic infoCircuit calculations - worked example.
27-Jul-2006UsefulDIY Preset Capacitors.
20-Jul-2006UsefulDIY Tuning Capacitors.
18-Jul-2006UsefulAnalogue R/C PCB added to Download.
09-Jul-2006UsefulAnalogue R/C of models.
11-Mar-2006Audio250mW AF Amp.
13-Feb-2006TXTelevision TX.
27-Aug-2005TX40mW VHF TX (stable/versatile).
27-Aug-2005Download222 Stereo Encoder PCB foil.
27-Aug-2005DownloadPCB CAD - Donated by Youssef TOUIL
29-Jun-2005AF / Amps222 Stereo Encoder.
08-Jan-2005Data / TechESD Protection.
30-Dec-2004InformationUpdated counter and HHH info.
31-Oct-2004Several differentMinor updates and corretions to the site
06-Oct-2004Amplifier circuits400mW 100MHz Power amplifier
24-Sep-2004AntennasNew project - VPO-le
23-Jul-2004PCB VideoCD brought back to life in VCD format
22-Jul-2004All sectionsCorrected over 160 bad links !!
21-Apr-2004DIY IF Cans for ValvesNew project
28-Feb-2004About HHHData updated
28-Feb-2004Maj-Lis and meData updated
07-Feb-2004MessageboardNew messageboard added.
13-Dec-2003Download sectionAdded PCB foil for Basic RF linears amps.
20-Oct-2003Links & SuppliersRemoved Wabbe's homepages (site closed)
18-Sep-2003WAV to EPROMCorrections to data & cct.
14-May-2003Amplifier ProjectsAF Level Meter.
11-May-2003Amplifier ProjectsGramaphone (record) pickup preamplifier.
12-Apr-2003TX ProjectsBasic QRP HF Linear Amplifier designs.
05-Feb-2003LoadsLoads of minor corrections (tipping errors, etc).
12-Jan-2003Start pageNew improved "easy navigate" start page.
10-Jan-2003EPROMSAdded chip pinout data for 27256
08-Jan-2003ReceiversAdded new project - Easy MW reflex rx
01-Jan-2003Basic Info"Ugly" construction method
31-Dec-2002InfomationCounter reset for new-year
31-Dec-2002Building BlocksEasy HF Oscillator
30-Oct-2002TX(V6) & Begin(OpAmps)Minor corrections
14-Oct-2002DownloadAdded V7(broadcast) PCB.
14-Oct-2002TransmittersAdded V7(broadcast) project.
16-Sep-2002DownloadAdded AM/CW/RC transmitter PCB.
08-Sep-2002TransmittersAdded new AM/CW/RC transmitter.
24-Jul-2002DownloadsMoved to new server (no banners)
07-Jul-2002PSUUpdated project - Voltage Converters.
07-Jul-2002DownloadVoltage converter PCBs added.
05-Jul-2002PSUNew project - Voltage Converters.
20-Jun-2002Faq / FasqUpdated and split into FAQ + FASQ.
15-Jun-2002MainNew messageboard.
21-May-2002E.. loads!!Hamcom PCB added + about 35 corrections
01-May-2002EPROMNew WAV 2 EPROM project added.
25-Apr-2002KitsNew CMOS synth kit added.
25-Apr-2002supply2 new links added.
25-Apr-2002W5WWW voteNew banner (faster download).
18-Mar-2002Search EngineNew Search Engine added
29-Dec-2001MessageBoardChange to new messageboard
29-Dec-2001About HHHAnnual stats for 2001 added
19-Dec-2001Transmitters150mW WBFM TX V7 updated
13-Dec-2001DownloadHigher power WBFM V7 PCB foil added
11-Dec-2001TransmittersHigher power WBFM TX V7 added
04-Nov-2001DownloadSynthesised WBFM TX V6 PCB added
27-Oct-2001TransmittersSynthesised WBFM TX V6 added
07-Oct-2001Basic InfoHow feeders (Transmission lines) work
25-Sept-2001Amplifiers10-watt HF linear photographed/updated
15-Sept-2001BeginTransistor Biasing - 2 added
01-Sept-2001DownloadLayo01 deleted (too big) site added
01-Sept-2001http://sm0vp0.8m.comDOWNLOAD files deleted
21-July-2001SynthesizersPractical circuits added
21-July-2001Basic infoOp-Amp tutorial added
28-May-2001AllFreeservers removed from homepages
17-Apr-2001SynthesizersCorrections to VCO circuit
17-Apr-2001AntennasImpedance bridge added
17-Apr-2001AntennasAntenna FASQ added
24-Mar-2001Synth + BeginCorrections to example info
11-Mar-2001EPROMSEPROM AF Generator added
17-Feb-2001KitsKits page updated - G0TLA included
17-Feb-2001AllFrames pages added
06-Feb-2001PCBsRemoved JAVA script from PCB library
06-Feb-2001synthesizersImproved CMOS Synthesizer
06-Feb-2001InfoRevision History page

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