Posting Your Circuits Here

Since you are reading this, you have a circuit that you want to tell everyone about. No problem, draw or scan the circuit and save it as a Black/White (2-colour) GIF image and write a short blurb about it. The image should be no greater than 30K at the most and should fit on a small screen when viewed at 100% scale. A simple way to reduce the size of an image is to use some program like PSP and use the resize command. In this program you can also reduce the colours used to just 2 colours. If using a simple viewer, such as ACDSee then press the minus key until the image is the right size, then capture the screen area (Ctrl + PrtScreen). Remember, people want to know what your circuit does, how it can be used, and how it does it.

If your circuit has anything to offer the electronic/radio hobbyist or radio amateur, then I will seriously think about posting the circuit on this site. I will NOT promise to post all circuits. Circuits will be considered on their individual merits.

You got this far and STILL want your circuit posting? Ok, then send it to me. Attach the circuit and any photographs of the project (please, not more than 30K each). Do not forget to indicate whether or not you want your e-mail address posted with the project. I do NOT use the addresses for any other purposes than these pages. Please don't forget to include your full name ( is not very descriptive if you want credit for your work). Send your e-mail to me at with the subject heading Another Circuit as the first two words. I will then drop you a line when your project is on the web.

I will never delete the project providing it does not upset anyone, or unless you request that the project be removed from the pages. Best regards from Harry - SM0VPO.

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