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Updated 08th December 2008

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I had a policy of never including other peoples circuits on my homepages since I cannot put my own name to them and I refuse to copy other peoples work and present it as my own. Perhaps I am old fashioned? But many of the circuits sent to me are quite interesting and even usefull to the radio amateur, so I opened this page specially for circuits presented by visitors to my homepages. I may not totally agree with the purposes or uses for these circuits, but below you will find circuits that in some way may be useful to you.

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Please do NOT send me e-mail with questions about these projects. I may not have built them and therefore have no experience of them. If the author wishes to be contacted then there will be an e-mail link within the project, otherwise you can visit my Messageboard Forum to ask advice. Feel free to give the benefit of your own experiences too.

Circuit Building Blocks

Charge-pump AM/FM demodulators (PDF file) - Author = Ramón Vargas Patrón

Circuit Ideas - The "lambda Diode" - Author = Frank V. Hughes

Bootstrapping - Author = Frank V. Hughes

Ultra linear audio amplifiers - Author = Frank V. Hughes

Low Frequency Crystal Oscillator - Author = Ramón Vargas Patrón

Two Terminal Oscillator - Author = Jörg Wimmershoff


Log Periodic Antennae - Author = Frank V. Hughes


Regenerative Receiver - Author = Ramón Vargas Patrón

A Bipolar transistor regenerative receiver (MF/HF) - Author = Ramón Vargas Patrón

A Band-I WBFM receiver (48-74MHz) - Author = Anon I. Mouse


Single FET FM Wireless Microphone - Author = Frank V. Hughes
Microphone Amp/Compressor - Author = Frank V. Hughes


Economical Valve Audio Power Amplifier - Author = Frank V. Hughes
Simple telephone ring generator - Author = Frank V. Hughes
Telephone Ring Generator MK II - Author = Frank V. Hughes
S-Meters - Author = Frank V. Hughes
DigiDisplay - Author = Frank V. Hughes
Transistor Tester - Author = Frank V. Hughes X-Y CRT Indicator - Author = Frank V. Hughes
DTMF Decode Store & Display - Author = Frank V. Hughes
DTMF Decode Store & Display MkII - Author = Frank V. Hughes
An RF Voltmeter 0.2 - 400MHz - Author = Per Wille (LA1DEA)

Power Related Circuits

Universal battery charger - Author = Christian Bruckner
Electret mic without DC? - Author = Frank V. Hughes
Simple High Current DC - Author = Frank V. Hughes


Analysis and Applications of Capacitive Transformers
- Author = Ramón Vargas Patrón.

Voltage comparator & Q-multiplier makes a stable sinewave oscillator
- Author = Ramón Vargas Patrón

Pocket Metal Detector - Author = Frank V. Hughes

Negative resistance devices - oscillators and regenerative amplifiers
- Author = Ramón Vargas Patrón