of Harry Lythall - SM0VPO

You may be aware that I recently began selling spy cameras and things. This seems to have brought a few crazies out of the woodwork, so to speak. I received an order for a camera from Julie Mass, which was followed by a fake PayPal message to tell me I had received funds. Julie and her fake PayPal message were sent from the same IP address!!
I have added some of the more recent silly messages I have received.

I live out in the country, about 40km south of Uppsala and 10km towards the coast. My nearest towns are Arlanda and Märsta. Imagine my surprise when I first began to receive messages asking me to travel into Swedens capital city to hand over goods in person!

Regarding your spy pen cameras for sale

I have decided to buy one of your spy pen cameras but I also want you to supply a memory card
I can come to any place near Stockholm central station.


Hello Mr Meester,
I am sorry but I rarely go into Stockholm, which is many km South of me. You could use the telephone and tell me which of the following locations you may visit during the week. This week I will be travelling to:

Alternatively you could pay for the camera and postage, then I will send it to you by post.
I do not sell memory cards but you can buy these from almost any phone shop.

Very best regards from Harry

Most questions are quite innocent, but sometimes I just wonder. I have now received this same question more than once over the past three years, from two different people. In both cases the author should have known better.

R/C Project - need help

Hi Harry Lythall,
I have visited your homepages frequently and I respect your knowledge and experience. I especially liked the projects regarding radio control for models. It is about that project that I write.

I am a moviemaker and I need to arrange a ON-OFF function so I can set off a detonator for an explosive charge. Can you help me with a schematic drawing so I can set off the charge by radio. If you can build the project I will gladly pay you well for your efforts.
I hope to hear from you soon Mr XYZ.

PS You can also call me on the telephone at 01 XXX XXXX.

Hello Mr XYZ,
It is interesting that you even expect a reply to such a question. You are probably a film maker as you claim, but people can say anthing they want to, but it does not make it true. There is no way will I ever help anyone to set of an explosive charge by radio, or any other way.

Please do not pursue this or I shall have to pass this question over to my local police. For all I know you could be a terrorist, disgruntled tax-payer, or just a plain old loonie. Whatever you are, I shall take no chances.
Very best regards and best of luck with the film making.

Educating Rittar

Hello mister Harry Lythall
This may be an unusual request, but I have been a fan of your homepages for many years. I am very impressed with your wide knowledge and experience and I would like my 14-year old son, Rittar, to benefit from your tuition. He is very interested in radio and electronics but has no friends or anyone who could become a "mentor" for him. Since he will be on a 4-week holiday during July I would like him to come and stay with you and your beautiful wife, Maj-Lis, in Sweden where he could benefit from your expert guidance. I look forward to hearing from you.
Very best regards from Antonio

Hello Antonio,
I must say that I was very flattered by your letter. Your praise made me feel quite "big headed"! Unfortunately I think that your suggestion would not really be very practical for a few reasons:

  1. I get very little time on the bench for electronics.
  2. You don't know me - I could be a child molester for all you know.
  3. I don't know your son, he could be a maniac, but we would be comitted to having him if I said yes.
  4. I am fully occupied looking after my wife and her parents.
  5. I also have a job go to so I would be away at work every day.

I am very sorry Antonio, but the answer must be a firm NO. I hope you understand. If we were close friends, not strangers and had known each other for many years, and if we lived closer together then, we may have been able to work something out.
Very best regards from Harry - SM0VPO

Getting things fixed "on the cheap" is another source of e-mail for me. Here are two typical threads that may amuse you.

Will you repair my VHF rig?

Hello again Harry
My VHF rig has gone kaput and the local rig-doctor wants loads-o-money to fix it. Can I send it to you, you fix it and return it back to me?
BR from your friend Piper

Hi Piper,
Sorry, but it doesn't really make much economic sense. Your rig weighs several kilograms, probably around 12Kg. Will YOU pay for it to be sent by post from Canada, then again from Sweden back to Canada, plus my repair costs? I think that your local shop may be a bit expensive, but his work is guaranteed and still cheaper than sending the rig 1/2-way round the world - twice!
BR from Harry - SM0VPO

Please Fix My Project

Hello friend Harry
I have a large school project here that does not work and so I have posted it to you for you to fix for me. I did e-mail you about it last night but I have not received a reply from you, so I posted the project to you anyway.
Your good pal Ckaptir

Re: Please Fix My Project

Hello again Harry
About 6 months ago I sent you my project for you to fix. Have you done anything with it? Is it fixed yet? I need it back urgently so can you post the parcel back to me?
Regards Ckaptir

Hello Ckaptir,
I have not had the time to fix your homebrew project, but I never agreed to do it in the first place! Send me the money for postage and I will return your parcel.
BR Harry - SM0VPO

Re: Re: Please Fix My Project

But why do you need the money? You can afford it, surely!

Hello Ckaptir,
I'm not (yet) a millionaire and the parcel is a few kilograms. Send me the postage if you want the parcel back.
BR Harry - SM0VPO

Re: Re: Re: Please Fix My Project

The money is in the post.

Hello Ckaptir,
Then so will your parcel, when I receive the money.
BR Harry - SM0VPO

The JAVA script on the homepages is not very popular with some people. I have received three or four complaints in the two years it has been there, plus a couple of messages on the messageboard.

Me! A thief?

I tried to save a few pictures from your homepages and it called me a thief. I will never ever visit your homepages again.

Hello Annoyed,
I know exactly how you feel. My own computer has many times called me "invalid" and even "corrupt"! I have, however, resisted the urge to break something, and accepted that the programmer is not happy for me to do that "something", for some reason.

Many servers (Angelfire, for example) do not allow "external linking" to files. All pictures and other files shall be accessed via an HTML file on that server. When you right-click and choose "save target to file" then it could look as if the file was downloaded from an external link. I have already had a new site on Angelfire closed down because of that.

Besides that, I am megga pissed-off with people copying MY work and putting their own name to it, even though I have had a few "out of court" cash settlements. Below are a some existing copies (at the time of writing this article) that may be on my list for legal action. Note that I do NOT give permission for anyone to copy any project for use on the web.
BR from Harry - SM0VPO VHF DF antenna IC Receiver Radio Calculators Radio Calculators Colinear antenna Crate antenna Dipole antennas Radio Calculators

I used to know this guy personally, many years ago! He is very clever, but he is obviously very easily annoyed.


That code you put on your pages wont stop noone copying nothing. I think it is just iritating all the time and besides it caused me to get a virus so i had to re-install windows again. I will probably copy all the projects on your pages and sell them as my own. Besides that, they are all childish.

Hello Arganought,
If you want to open a new window then "CTRL+N" will do it. If you have the limited inteligence required to defeat the code then you do indeed have enough knowledge to create your own homepage without copying. As regards the computer crashing, are you still running an 8080 or the more modern 4MHz 80286? You cannot catch a virus via computer if there is no virus there. If my projects are so childish, then why would you want to copy them? If you wish to engage in more normal conversation then I am always willing to receive your messages

Circuit Request

Dear Mr. Harry Lythall (sm0vpo)
I have got a nice project for you, i want to detect low level signals from a few feet away. I know the signals are somewhere in the low audioband, so if you can help me i can put a transducer on the front door and tell when someone is calling on me by sencing the brain activity signals. Any circuits will be credited to you if they are published.
Thanking you - Dick

Hello Dick,
I somehow do not think that the idea will work very well. If you attach wires directly to someones head then you would only see typically 15Hz to 30Hz at about 5uV to 10uV in adults. The amount of signal power actually radiated is therefore just a minute fraction of this. Now if you were to place a sleeping tablet on the door knocker and place a sign saying "Please do not knock, simply swallow the tablet" then when sleep overtakes your visitor, his electrical brain activity would typically double and fall within a much narrower band (about 8Hz - "sleep spirals" or "sleep spindles"). This would simplify the detection circuit from ridiculously stupid to just plain impossible. Sorry Dick, but if the idea was sound then the US government, for example, would have been monitoring peoples brain-patterns many years ago!
Regards from Harry SM0VPO

Kit Order

Thank you for reserving the kit V4 for me. Sending cash is unacceptable. Can you send the kit postförskott?

Sorry Staffan, the kit price is only SEK40 within Sweden. Postförskott (COD) will cost an additional SEK50 for the service and I would also need to open a post office account to receive the SEK40 ($3). I rather think that 2x SEK20 notes in an envelope will be fine and cheaper for us both.
Regards from Harry

Then you know what you can do with your damn kit!


... and what's more I never received any of your e-mails, not until the fourth one ...

... and how did you know I sent four e-mails? I never mentioned quantities in any of them!! ...

Kit damaged in Transit

Hello Harry,
Please find the enclosed V5 assembled kit which was damaged in the post. I would be gratefull for a replacement ready-built transmitter.

The fibre-glass PCB was folded in 1/2, but the polystyrene packaging was un-damaged! The damage to the PCB was not possible without damage to the packing or the envelope!

... No, the envelope was not broken and it arrived, but in the damaged state you saw.

It is quite obvious that the damage was deliberate, most probably by an upset "victim" of the project when used for eavesdropping. My projects are NOT intended for eavesdropping or other illegal activities. They are for education to give the enthusiastic some practical soldering experience in preparation for better projects.

Your Own Personal E-Mail Address

Hi Harry,
I have managed to aquire the prestige e-mail address which you are probably very interested in aquiring. I see that you have many visitors to your homepages and is not an easy address to remember. For only $25 I would be willing to sell you the e-mail address.
Oh! Conner

Hello Oh! Conner,
Please feel free to hold the e-mail address for yourself; that means that I am not in the least bit interested in it. E-mail takes me away from the workbench and the less of it I get then the happier I am. I already have and I hope soon to have a messageboard to eliminate the need for posting any E-mail address on the web. I may possibly consider taking the address off your hands for a fee of $25, but if you do not use it then the unused address will become available in 180 days anyway.
Very best regards Harry - SM0VPO

How much voltage


... do I need to kill someone?

Dear sir,
Do you seriously expect me to answer that? If I were less polite I would tell you exactly what to do, but I will tell you anyway - #4ck off!

Need help with a circuit?

Hi again Harry,
Many thanks for your help. Now I have an E-Mail problem, I have tried sending you a 1Mb BMP circuit diagram three times but I never received a reply from you. I am getting kinda sick of sending it again and again. Any ideas?
Regards Stewart

Hi Stewart,
I know exactly how you feel - I am getting kinda sick of deleting it! A 1M-byte picture in black/white GIF format will only be about 25K so you are wasting your time on the telephone trying to send me a picture in BMP format. That is the reason that I have a program to delete E-mail before wasting my time downloading it. Any message greater than about 30K-bytes will always be deleted, unless I requested it.
Regards Harry.

What did i done?

Hello mr Harry,
Thank you for the TDA7000 kit. It worked when i first esembld it but my soldring is no too good. Some components kept coming loos. My mom said that she fixed larmclocks by boiling them for 15 minuts so i tried it. When i connect up now the batterie the ic gets hot so i wonder if i have did anything dumb?
Please help me de Antonio.

Hello Antonia.
Er! Yes! You may say that you have done something a little dumb - but you have earned a place in my FASQ pages. The TDA7000 IC is very sensitive and did not like the temperature you used, the wet water didn't help matters either. You may have damaged other components so my advice is to throw it away. I am sending you another kit for free but I do not do this for everyone. If you have any further problems then please drop me a line before you do anything drastic. If you have problems then I could build the kit for you.
Very best regards Harry - SM0VPO

4watt amp order

Hi Harry,
I want to buy your 4watt amp kit so i can boost the output of my CB to 8watts. Will you also give info on how i connect it? Do you include the plugs i need?

Hello Hank,
That's a new one! The 4-Watt amplifier circuit is for AF (that's Audio Frequency or speech signals). The output of your CB-set is RF (that means Radio Frequency) so the amplifier will not do what you want it to do. Secondly, you cannot use two 4-Watt signals to give you 8-Watts, it is a little more complicated than that. Finally, an increase from 4-Watts to 8-Watts will only give you perhaps 25% more range or a slightly stronger signal at the receiver. To increase your CB-set output you should not consider anything less than about 5x the power. Many thanks for visiting Harry's Homebrew Homepages.
Best regards Harry - SM0VPO

Urgent help needed

I urgently need a circuit for a BUG with 4 miles long range. Can you make one for me or send me the circuit. Thank you.

Hello Saile,
You would be surprised how often I am asked this same question. Got a divorce or something coming up? Sorry but I do not have the time to spend hours designing, building and testing. I think I have already stated, all the circuits I have in electronic format are on my homepage. Many thanks for visiting Harry's Homebrew Homepages.
Best regards Harry - SM0VPO

Need crack for Protel-99

Hi Harry,
Great page. I got a copy of Protel-99 a pcb drafting program. Have you got a crack for it so I can use autorouting? You can email it to me or put it in the links so everyone can use it.
Lord Blood

Hello Lord,
I am sorry but I do not have any illegal programs or cracks, nor do I want any. I have even bought my own legal copy of Windoze98 using real money. Should you succeed in your quest for an illegal crack for the program then please keep it to yourself. I draw circuits and PCBs using Microsoft Paintbrush, the one that came with Windoze. It does everything I want it to do for ham-radio and at the right price.
Very best regards from Harry

!Interesting, over the last 3 years I have had a few messages on this or similar subjects.)

Induction Furnace

Hello Harry, my name is Trebor,
You have a great page, and it has been very helpful with some of my projects. My latest project involves making an induction furnace. Im using a coil of copper refrigeration tubing as my primary. I am then cooling it with water running through it... i have been able to get things hot using regular current comming out of the wall, but to melt metal, i need high frequency alternating currents. the current that comes out of the wall in the US is only 60Hz....i need all the way up to 60000Hz...the house voltage is 120v, or if i use both hot wires, 240v. i cant just plug this into any oscilator circuit. would you have any sugestions as to how i can achieve this? it would be a pretty neet project, if i could do it,... then anyone could make, and cast their own alloys.
Sincerely, Trebor

Hello Trebor,
You are not by any chance related to Ahmad (see below), are you?
Yes, it could be pretty neat but I wonder if many radio amateurs have experience of this sort of thing? Making metals melt is usually one of the things that radio operators try to avoid, although we do not always succeed!
Sorry Trebor but I cannot help you.
Very best regards from Harry

Message had no title

You said you would not give away names, but there the hell did you get these fake names from? Who could ever be called Rannug or Nairod? You could have used a little more imagination

Hello Trauts,
Try reading those names backwards!
Regards Yrrah

Message had no subject

1.High power Wireless Mic Kit v5
2.TDA 7000 VHF FM RX Kit
at the followig address:
Blah blah blah etc ...
From Nairod

I get loads of such letters asking for free samples. Since I am NOT running a business I am not really interested in selling thousands of kits (orders are currently about 1 to 3 kits a month). So how do I tell this berk to politely go away and multiply? Talking money usually shuts people up a treat. I never heard anything from this guy after I sent:

Hello Nairod,
If you would like to place a guaranteed order for multiples of 100x of any one kit with advance cash payment, then I could produce them for you with at least 15% discount. The TDA7000 Receiver for example I could let you have for $12 each if the order exceeded $1200. I regret however that I cannot give away free samples since I do not really make a profit.
I look forward to hearing from you, possibly with discussions towards a large contract.
Very best regards from Harry - SM0VPO

Give me my circuit!

I occasionally get some really weird mail. Here is a dialogue between myself and Middle-Eastern gentleman whom I shall call Ahmad (but his real name is Saleh). He sent me about 26 letters asking me to design a 2000 watt HF generator so he could cure wood for a business idea he had. Here are a couple of extracts from our letters:

-----Message number 23-----
... and without this circuit i cannot make the business work. I urgently neet the information you are supposed to give me ... (etc)
Regards Ahmad

... but I can only repeat that my homepages are about my hobby, Amateur Radio. I do not spend hours designing circuits for other people unless I have some vested interest in the subject. I have absolutely no interest in drying wood and I do not intend to spend any time doing it. I apologise ...
Regards Harry

-----Message number 24-----
... and i pay my Internet payments so i am ENTITLED to this information. I now DEMAND that you supply the circuits or else i will report you to the internet authorities to ... (etc)

My homepages are voluntary and I also pay an Internet subscription. No-one pays me for providing information on these pages and I receive no payment for answering ridiculous letters. I have no obligation, legal or moral to anyone for providing or advising on electronic matters ...
Harry Lythall

-----Message number 25-----

I receive no money from your Internet connection. SM0VPO is not a company but an Amateur Radio callsign. Please feel free to contact whom you like with your complaints. I will not design ...
H Lythall, SM0VPO

There was one more letter with several more threats before this gentleman finaly gave up. At least he won a place on these pages!

Hi old friend

Hello again Harry,
I wonder if you remember me? I now live in Scunthorpe but I met you in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah 1986. I am going for an interview next month and I would like you to make a reference to me on your homepages as though I am an authority on something technical. My prospective employer I know is a radio amateur and he will be impressed by your homepages.
By for now mate, drop you a line when I get the job - Stevie

Hi Stevie.
Certainly, anything to oblige. You will find a reference to you in my Stupid Questions page. Hope you get the job.
Very best regards Harry

Message from a spammer:

Your participation has now been suspended because at least 6 recent messages have been either bounced by your email system, or could not be delivered at all. Please send the command "unhold" to Note that if your email address continues to reject mail your service will once again be frozen. You may wish to contact the people concerned for your E-mail to find out why your email address has been having trouble.
---For your information, a non-delivery report is included below:
Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah (five more pages of) blah ...

This occurred because I started "bouncing" all SPAM back to the originator. I use a program called BSM18.EXE and you can find it on the net if you search for BSM18.ZIP or follow the anti-spam links on my index page. The above message was also "bounced" back to the originator.

Model Aeroplane Transmitter

Hello Harry.
I like your homepages very much. Can you send me the circuit of a UHF direction finding transmitter so that I can locate my model aeroplane when it dissapears into the sunset?

Hi Fred,
I suggest that you write your name and address on one of the wings and perhaps offer an unspecified reward to the finder. Besides that, All the circuits I have in electronic format are on my homepages. Those that are not in electronic format I am unable to send to you. Many thanks for visiting Harry's Homebrew Homepages.
Best regards Harry - SM0VPO


I have visited your homepages and I have found many of the projects very interesting if not familiar! I seem to recall seeing some of your projects previously published in hobby magazines. The article about cavity filters was particularly familiar!! Have you thought to contact the original author for permission to publish? If not then I suggest you do so if you are not to find yourself in serious trouble. Copyright laws exist on most published works and copying articles to the internet is no exception.
Sincerely yours xxxxxxx

Hi Mr xxxxxxx,
Yes, you will find that many of my articles are indeed familar to you if you are active in your hobby. The resonant cavity was published in Practical Wireless in the UK around January of 1998. I suggest you look at the authors name on that article - a Mr Harry Lythall! Most of my articles have been published in at least 50 club news- letters and 30 periodical magazines. I have even translated half-a-dozen into Swedish for publication here in Sweden. My latest is the 2-valve 7-watt HF transmitter (QTC November 1998). My articles have also been published in Canada, Australia and the USA. They have even been translated into French for publication in France and Belgium. I am the author of all but two of the articles on my homepage and they were written some 50 years ago - credit is also given to the original author (deceased). I hope that this sets your mind at rest?
Best regards and thank you for visiting Harry's Homebrew Homepages.
Best 73s de Harry.
(He openeth his mouth and therein doth he place his foot!

SM0VPOs projects suck!

I think your projects suck! Your QRP SWR/Wattmeter conversion cannot be accurate in the VHF region as well as HF and you have even got the FWD and REF the wrong way round. This is a simple mistake showing just how little you know.
Mr French

Hello Mr French,
Many thanks for your interesting E-mail. Doo miy mistaikz bover yoo? If you think that mixing the FWD and REF terminals is a huge mistake that could have serious consequences for the amateur constructor then I think that you are insulting the intelect of the average constructor. I personally do not even bother to mark my own meter since the largest reading is usually the FWD and the smallest reading is usually the REF. Perhaps you also lack practical experience? As regards accuracy, the meter will give a reasonable indication, as described, well into the UHF region. How accurate do you want it to be? Did you notice that it was based on a ready-made SWR meter that is only intended for "indication only"?
Best 73s de Harry.

Have fun, de HARRY, Lunda, Sweden.

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