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by Harry Lythall - SM0VPO

Welcome to Harry's Homebrew Homepage for building hobby and amateur radio and electronic equipment (or brewing/distilling booze). If you do not understand the component identification standard I have adopted then see my Component Identification pages. These standards are very close to the European standards. Projects marked with are illustrated with photographs.

Most of these circuits are designed, tried and tested by myself. If you should find the odd errrror then I apologise most profusely, I really do! Many circuits can be built on the kitchen table (when the wife is out!). You may have to adjust the odd capacitor or coil a little. I have tried my best to be as accurate as possible, but please accept my apologies if I got anything wrong.

Please adjust your bookmarks to Harrys Homebrew Homepages. The correct start address URL is www.sm0vpo.com. That way you will always have the correct URL, even if HHH moves to another location.

Site Summary

Homebrew Projects are located at:

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A small PDF library is located at:
PDF files here.

I must thank all who have supported HHH, especially in recent months. I began the pages just for fun, but since then I have learned a lot. The homepages are constantly under construction and new projects will be added all the time.


there were somewhat fewer visitor that the 3,000,000 in 2015. Most of the visitors seem to favour the PDF data library. I was not so active during 2017, but now that all the house-moving is done (I hope) I can devote a lot more time to HHH during 2017.


During 2011 saw 1,159,762 visitors. I began working for Axell Wireless. I loved the job but the wourking hours prevented me from having a private life or doing anything to the homepages. I resigned in December and suddenly found myself with 3 hours a day more to play with.

I gave up using commercial web counters. Having my own domain and hosting my own homepages I had access to statistics of my own. I saw that my homepages had something like five times more activity than was reported by these free webcounters. I started using my own statistics. During 2011 you all uploaded 0ver 120GB of files, thats 10GB a month, all from this little Dell computer. Thank you :-)


2010 saw over 500,000 visitors and quite a few changes, but not so many mainly due to my being made redundant from Semcon. To cut a long story short they did not actually break the laws but circumvented the law. If you are interested in the story then let me know, but it will make you mad that laws can bypassed so easily in Sweden. I had a bit of a fight, but little activity on the homepages.


2009 saw 210 000 visitors to the site, which is quite high. But for 2010 I have a new counter that stops counting re-visits. The figures for 2010 will therefore be somewhat lower.

2009 did, however, bring me my own domain - www.sm0vpo.com - thanks to a very generous birthday present from Magnus, my step-son.

Telia also decided that $9 per year was not sufficient compensation for my homepages, so they closed them down on the 31st of December. I was advised to go to Telias internet hotel and pay $90 a year. Salvation came from Shantanu Thatte in India. He has kindly offered to host HHH on his server at With the new www.sm0vpo.com domain I can now point HHH to any server I like.


2008 saw 279 500 visitors to the site, which is a record high. Ill health continued and I was not able to work until about June, and even then only part time. Magnus Wahlberg, my step-son, set up a new messageboard - fantastic it is too :-) Now messages can be viewed for a lot longer, as long as there is interest. I was able to add quite a few more projects, and produce a couple of films. I was even able to post new projects as late as the night before the New Year.


2007 saw 166 500 visitors to the site, which is a record low. I wonder if it is anything to do with the URL being so easy to remember? (satiric irony!). There were a few new projects, but not many. At the end of the year I got a cancer diagnosis and had bits taken out of me. But it means I will have more time to update the homepages after Christmas.


2006 saw 182 000 visitors to the site, but during the year work on the house came between me any hamradio work, or updating the homepages. Maj-Lis's mother died, Maj-Lis broker her foot (again), and generally we have been plagued by a period of ill health. But in spite of this I was able to add a few projects through the year that did not require much time on the workbench.


There were 202 000 visitors to the site during 2005. The www.home.se and www.spray.se sites were closed down for good, and http://sm0vpo.8m.com is only a shortcut to my main site. New projects were completed, including the simple stereo coder, and a couple of transmitters. There is more to come during 2006.


During 2004 about 140,000 visitors were recorded to HHH. Telia have simplified my URL. Instead of being http://w1.859.telia.com/~u85920178 it is now http://web.telia.com/~u85920178. I had to get get a new messageboard after Emil was unable to continue hosting the board. I for one am very gratefull for his geneosity.


In 2003 I had 186,000 visitors, most probably because the homepage address changed from something nice and simple, to http://w1.859.telia.com/~u85920178 which does not exactly roll off the tongue so easily. But it was better than last year. I really must get my own domain, but in the meantime, the shortcut http://come.to/sm0vpo is not so difficult to remember.


Saw 144 000 visitors during the year. There were not so many visitors because of the demise of pmp3.net who kindly hosted my homepages.


Saw a record 256 000 visitors during the year, making it a record year for me.


Saw about 4377 visitors every week. That equates to a grand total of 227,595 visitors during the whole year.


Saw about 2520 visitors every week by the end of the year. There were about 90,000 visitors during the whole year.


Saw about 200 visitors every week. That was about 10,000 visitors during the whole year.

Have fun, de HARRY, Lunda, Sweden.

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