of Harry Lythall - SM0VPO

I receive so much e-mail that I often have no time on the workbench. Some mail is funny, some idiotic and others are unrelated to ham-radio. Here are a few that I particularly like (or hate) or give some important information that may help you. Notice that many begin with a complement, then ask for something. As my wife says:

"They have to lick before they can suck!"
Anyway, I have not (really) given away real names so contributors can feel quite safe and without embarrasment, especially you George Sproggit of 197 Queen Anne Road, East Cheame, Dorset, England. To answer your question - it will not fit!

You will notice that I have divided the messages a little since there were all on one single page before. The file exceeded the bounds of NOTEPAD.EXE and so I was not able to update for a couple of years. Now it is organised in such a way that I can add new pages whenever I want. Note that the released space has already been filled and fasq1.htm cannot be added to!

The Sensible Ones: - or - The S i L l Y Ones:

Have fun, de HARRY, Lunda, Sweden.

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